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xyz nyc returns February 20th!


Sochi? More like So-xyz. That’s right: xyz nyc is BACK this month with four new choreographers and an esteemed guest judge. The theme? The Olympics.

February 20th marks the first of four competitions this spring, culminating in a championship round in May. This month’s daring choreographer contestants are Jesse Factor, Kristen Klein, Julia Smith-Eppsteiner, and Kit Stanley. Michael Burke joins us on the 20th as the guest judge, and we’re thrilled to announce that he will share an excerpt from his current work. Stay tuned for more info about all the choreographers!

xyz nyc: THE OLYMPICS will take place at The Tank, 151 W. 46th St., 8th Floor. Tickets are $10; buy them online or at the door.

Cycle 2 Championship Round Thursday!

We have an AMAZING line-up for our last championship round of the season!

Our competitors/choreographers:

Adrian Jevicki, May winner, working with Georgia Rapti, Ashley Friend, and Mary Ellen Carafice

Lizzy Mulkey, May winner, working with Olney Edmondson

Shawn Rawls, April winner

Dia Dearstyne, March winner

Our guest judge is Anabella Lenzu, presenting the first work-in-progress performance of her new piece, “Pachamama: Mother World,” featuring dancers Lauren Ohmer, Macy Sullivan, Anthony Rosado, Paulina Espinosa, Or Reitman and Alice Pucheu.

Music By Lola Kiepja/ Selk’nam (Ona) Chants of Tierra del Fuego.

"Pachamama: Mother World" will look at the ritualistic similarities between two geographically different cultures, Native Americans and South American Natives. The division line between Ritual and Performance blurs, necessitating further research into the history of these Native American rituals, becoming both an anthropologic study and a creation of Dance Theater.

Thursday, June 6th, at 9:30pm at the Tank/Playroom Theater at 151 W 46th St. Get your tickets in advance here!


Both the Sign-up forms for February’s Championship Round and the March 7th xyz nyc performance are live. Only dancer submissions will be accepted for the Championship Round, but dancers and choreographers of all backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to sign-up for the March 7th performance. Join us as we continue the success of xyz nyc! 

Congrats to Goldie Peacock, December xyz nyc winner! 

Goldie will join Catie Cuan and Nehemoyia Young in the Championship Round.  

xyz nyc: Championship Round

February 21, 2013

9:30pm, $10

Advance tickets are available now! 

Introducing Sandra Kramerova, December Choreographer

Meet the lovely Sandra Kramerova, one of the randomly chosen choreographers participating in the upcoming 3rd installation of xyz nyc.

 imageSandra Kramerova is an emerging choreographer seeking a humanistic and natural way of approaching contemporary dance. In her choreographic work she   plays with various qualities of movement, as the body moves through different substances guided by the    flow of organic movement one has within himself. Her dance spirals along with the curves of the body and of nature. There is always a continuation, exploring the flow of breath and energy of the body. Her dance is inspired by human behavior, physical actions, relationships, everlasting universal rhythm, embryological motility rocking the cranium and the pelvis, flow, textures, sensations, transitions, Gaga, Yoga, flying, swimming, Slovak culture, Pina, Israel, the city, heartfelt music, atmosphere, moment, surprise. Her work is based on experiences from Choreography studies at University of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia, where she collaborated with established Slovak dancers, choreographers and actors. Merging dance and drama concepts gave her a solid ground for further exploration. Dance and choreography experience from Israel (with Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company) created a whole new way of understanding dance and its physicality, performance art and raw movement. Attracted to encounter dance vibrations of New York City, Sandra came to study at the Peridance Certificate Program and a year later became a member of Overground Physical Theater Company as a dancer and assistant choreographer. 

xyz nyc: ROUND 3

Thursday, December 13, 2012

9:30 p.m. 

151 W. 46th St. 8th Fl. NY, NY 10036

For advance sale tickets, click here.

Meet Lisa Niedermeyer, an illustrious xyz nyc:Round 3 judge

A life long adventure in dance has brought me work with some pretty fantastic artists and collaborators, including Jane Comfort, Doug Elkins and jill sigman/thinkdance. In 2010 I was tapped by Jacob’s Pillow to be co-curator for their online audience engagement platform Dance Interactive. I got to dive deep into the legendary archives of Jacob’s Pillow performance videos from 1936-present day. I’ve been lucky. When I fill out audience survey’s I’m the one that checks the box for “Attends live performance greater than 2-3 times per week”. I see a ton of work. I’m chasing the high of those truly moving performances so compelling you feel marked by them forever. Before the curtain goes up, or the lights go out, or however the event begins, I get that tingling feeling of hope. Hope that the artists will help me to fall in love all over again.


xyz nyc: ROUND 3

Thursday, December 13, 2012

9:30 p.m. 

151 W. 46th St. 8th Fl. NY, NY 10036

For advance sale tickets, click here.

The Return of Goldie Peacock


We are thrilled that Goldie is returning for a second round here at xyz nyc, NOVEMBER 18 @ 7PM*. Come check out what she has created.

Goldie Peacock creates and performs original dance and drag works, produces and emcees shows, teaches, go-go dances and art models. After completing a B.A. in Dance at Oberlin College (which included a performance art semester away in New York), Goldie moved to Portland, Maine in 2007, and was dubbed “Best Dance Performer” in the Portland Phoenix’s 2009 Best-of Poll. Now residing in Brooklyn, Goldie joyfully creates and performs work both locally and nationally, while teaching workshops, producing monthly events and posing for the finest artists.

*Due to hazardous conditions from Hurricane Sandy, xyz nyc has been postponed to SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18 at 7PM. Mark your calenders!


                            THE WRATH OF SANDY CONTINUES!

Considering the considerable damage done to NYC over the past few days, we’ve decided to reschedule our November-edition xyz nyc. The show will go on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18 @ 7PM. Mark your calenders, IPhones, gcals, all that good stuff.

In the meantime, read up on our fabulous judges for NOV. 18 


Jody Sperling (pictured, left) is the Founder and Artistic Director of Time Lapse Dance. A dancer, choreographer and dance scholar based in New York City. Sperling has gained an international reputation as an expert on Loïe Fuller and is the foremost contemporary interpreter of Fuller’s style. In the past decade, Sperling has created more than 30 works, including many solo and group works that pay homage to Fuller, as well as others that fuse modern dance and circus arts. She has taught, lectured and/or performed in the US, Canada, France, India, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Nigeria, Russia and Scotland.

Alexandra Albrecht (pictured, right) earned a BFA in dance (Tisch School of the Arts) and a BA in Journalism (College of Art and Science) from New York University. While at Tisch, she used her semester abroad to study at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. In the summer of 2007, she danced at The Yard in Marthaʼs Vineyard as part of the Bessie Schoenberg Choreographic Residency. She has performed in New York and abroad with Hilary Easton + Company, Janessa Clark/KILTERBOX and Jenni Hong Dance. Alexandra is currently a dance curator at the Tank.

xyz nyc: SUNDAY, November 18, 7 p.m.

The Tank, 151 W. 46th St., 8th floor

Adrian Jevicki Returns!


We are thrilled that Adrian will be choreographing with us for a second time on November 18*. We can’t wait to see what’s up his sleeve!

Adrian Jevicki is a Brooklyn-based dance and theater maker, creating inter-disciplinary works about the relationships between people, their ideas and their things. Using a movement vocabulary obsessed with action and reaction (both conceptually and physically) and funked-out psycho-sexual vibes, he makes dances that themselves ask questions.

*Due to hazardous conditions from Hurricane Sandy, xyz nyc has been postponed to SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18 at 7PM. Mark your calenders!

Introducing Catie Cuan!


xyz nyc is excited to have Catie joining us as a choreographer on NOVEMBER 18*

Catie Cuan is a native Californian recently turned Brooklynite.  She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley where she studied dance technique and composition with Peggy Hackney, Joe Goode, Lisa Wymore, Amara Tabor-Smith and several other faculty.  She has performed works by Robert Battle and Gaspard Louis at the American Dance Festival while studying with Geri Houlihan and others.  Catie is thrilled to be a part of xyz.

*Due to hazardous conditions from Hurricane Sandy, xyz nyc has been postponed to SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18 at 7PM. Mark your calenders!