Meet Lisa Niedermeyer, an illustrious xyz nyc:Round 3 judge

A life long adventure in dance has brought me work with some pretty fantastic artists and collaborators, including Jane Comfort, Doug Elkins and jill sigman/thinkdance. In 2010 I was tapped by Jacob’s Pillow to be co-curator for their online audience engagement platform Dance Interactive. I got to dive deep into the legendary archives of Jacob’s Pillow performance videos from 1936-present day. I’ve been lucky. When I fill out audience survey’s I’m the one that checks the box for “Attends live performance greater than 2-3 times per week”. I see a ton of work. I’m chasing the high of those truly moving performances so compelling you feel marked by them forever. Before the curtain goes up, or the lights go out, or however the event begins, I get that tingling feeling of hope. Hope that the artists will help me to fall in love all over again.


xyz nyc: ROUND 3

Thursday, December 13, 2012

9:30 p.m. 

151 W. 46th St. 8th Fl. NY, NY 10036

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