Introducing Sandra Kramerova, December Choreographer

Meet the lovely Sandra Kramerova, one of the randomly chosen choreographers participating in the upcoming 3rd installation of xyz nyc.

 imageSandra Kramerova is an emerging choreographer seeking a humanistic and natural way of approaching contemporary dance. In her choreographic work she   plays with various qualities of movement, as the body moves through different substances guided by the    flow of organic movement one has within himself. Her dance spirals along with the curves of the body and of nature. There is always a continuation, exploring the flow of breath and energy of the body. Her dance is inspired by human behavior, physical actions, relationships, everlasting universal rhythm, embryological motility rocking the cranium and the pelvis, flow, textures, sensations, transitions, Gaga, Yoga, flying, swimming, Slovak culture, Pina, Israel, the city, heartfelt music, atmosphere, moment, surprise. Her work is based on experiences from Choreography studies at University of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia, where she collaborated with established Slovak dancers, choreographers and actors. Merging dance and drama concepts gave her a solid ground for further exploration. Dance and choreography experience from Israel (with Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company) created a whole new way of understanding dance and its physicality, performance art and raw movement. Attracted to encounter dance vibrations of New York City, Sandra came to study at the Peridance Certificate Program and a year later became a member of Overground Physical Theater Company as a dancer and assistant choreographer. 

xyz nyc: ROUND 3

Thursday, December 13, 2012

9:30 p.m. 

151 W. 46th St. 8th Fl. NY, NY 10036

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